Red Fox Corgi's Bella Explores Northeast Harbor

Bella, taking it all in…

The rain let up enough that we got a chance to explore our surroundings and neighbours. MDI (Mount Desert Island) is pretty quiet in the off season so we enjoyed a leisurely stroll interrupted only by the sound of hammers and drills as beautifully designed New England homes undergo facelifts and new construction.

The minute I win a kabillion dollars we’re relocating here. We continue to experience the awesome warmth and hospitality of the island locals and we’re so appreciative as Bella and I stroll through the incredible neighbourhood, get lost, get directions and make it back ‘home’ in time for dinner! Good food beckons and let’s not forget about the wine 😍🦊. I’m grateful for making awesome new friends and our corgi adventures!

Soon it will be time to come home but this 4 day minibreak has been everything we didn’t know we needed ;)