Walking Tips for your baby shark - I mean - Corgi puppy

What motivates your puppy to WANT to learn? We captured our first walk where we finally figured out what motivates her best. She's a charm to walk now but as a pup she was resistant to the leash and very indignant if we pulled or 'made' her walk. Meanwhile, at home she was a puppy terrorist in the house, launching herself at her siblings until we deemed it time to crate her for ‘nap time’ and give the big dogs some relief from her relentless corgi attacks (aka play).

She protested the leash by splooting, laying down and smelling/eating the grass while her two big dog siblings looked on in disgust. Bella had no concept of walking on the leash and she was very different to train than my big dog puppies, so we scratched our heads until we found her ‘learning button’ - food! And just like that she focused all her drive to please us. We don’t treat our dogs, instead we hold back a bit of her food and account for it for proper weight management.

Our goal is have to have all our puppies exposed to walking on a leash and we believe in proper crate training to keep our puppies safe and comfortable. Remember, it's hard work on those baby stumps so she had to build up her strength first and we also tuned into the best time to walk with her - when it was cool.

Being low riders, corgis get hot fast, as a comparison, try walking on the pavement without shoes in the summer and see how long you last... a little bit of fore planning and soft discipline and you’ll have an incredible companion for life.

Bottom line, what worked for us? 1) Finding out the puppy’s learning button, in this case food. 2) Patience 3) Reading your puppy. Are they disobeying? Why? Are they tired? I carried Bella (my favorite part) so she could rest when she needed it and was still exposed to new things as we continued our walk 4) Consistency, consistency, consistency.

Pawsitive training up-leveled Bella's walking game. Train your corgi or they'll train you ;) They’re so smart! And will try to hypnotize you with their loafy cuteness to try to get away with it. Don’t give up… the light is bright at the end of the tunnel.

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