"I’ve owned German Shepherds all my life. Bella transitions from farm life to city life with ease. She is an exceptional example of a corgi.  She’s bold, independent and minds. I’m a converted fan and smitten with her."

— Mike, Farmer


"In the 10 years I have known Paige, I have seen her interact with her animals (horses, dogs and cats) on a routine basis. Her stewardship of all her animal family is exemplary. Especially close to Paige’s heart is Bella, her Pembroke Corgi. Bella is the embodiment of happiness. She is affectionate and never far from the centre of the action, enthusiastically greeting family and strangers alike with her merry disposition and stunning appearance. Bella has become “family” at my house. She loves her step-pet-siblings and has formed an especially sweet bond with my tabby kitten, Raven. Bella is always gentle and respectful with kitten shenanigans. It will be of no surprise that I am on the wait list for one of Bella’s pups. I could not think of a better addition to my little family than a baby from sweet Bella.”

— Maureen, friend and Future corgi momma


"As someone who works with animals everyday, it’s always a breath of fresh air to have a dog like Bella come in. She is always so well behaved and has been since a puppy. She is always happy to see us and easy for us to work with her. Bella is such a nice little corgi, we are looking forward to seeing her puppies in the future."

— Emma, Vet technician