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Who are we?

Red Fox Corgis is a small, private home operation in Kingston, ON, Canada but more importantly, we’re proud corgi parents. Trained as a web and data tech, corgis became my passion with the purchase of my first Pembroke Welsh Corgi; Atremis of Pets Home FCI aka Bella. Our corgis are family dogs and well loved. My goal is to be a responsible and ethical breeder dedicated to learning and improving the breed but most of all to share my passion of Pembroke Welsh Corgis. Our corgis are indoor family members with the bonus of experiencing farm dog life. We’re investing in the future of our program as we develop our vision for the breed through research, education, mentorship and from reputable breeders all over the world. Our focus is to enjoy, work with, and love on our dogs with the added bonus of adding a quality, healthy, happy, social ‘loaf’ to your family. Click here for our story…

Our corgi mission:

To enjoy our dogs and when circumstance and timing permits, offer Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppies. Our Corgis are bred for health, quality and excellent sound temperaments. Our puppies will be sent home with a puppy package, microchipped, docked tails, dew claws removed, age appropriate vaccinations completed and health tested for Degenerative Myelopathy (DM). Parents will have been tested for Von Willebrand Disease I (VWD I) and Exercise-Induced Collapse (EIC). Breeding adults are OFA (hips/elbows) and CERF (eyes) screened. Our corgi pups are hand raised, carefully socialized and lovingly cared for in our home before going to their matched, forever homes. We crate train and help to potty train our pups prior to releasing them to their corgi parents. We invite you to share our joy and passion for our fabulous Pems.

Upcoming corgi news:

We are excited to share that we will be adding an AKC registered pup from a recognized breeder in California as we carefully develop our vision and program. We will be adding another pup in 2020. Stay tuned to our Corgi Blog and Facebook page for awesome potato updates and follow our journey as we deep dive into the dog show world with the Canadian Kennel Club.

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Breed Info & Training tips

What’s it mean to have a well bred dog? You want an informed breeder who’s done the research, does genetic testing, and is focused on producing healthy, happy puppies. Helpful links to understanding the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, training the positive pup, breed health concerns, CKC Breed Standards and general dog anatomy.

Puppy applications & forms

Let us learn more about you. Fill out a corgi puppy application. Prices are private treaty. We require a deposit to secure your spot on the puppy wait list. All deposits are non refundable and goes towards the purchase price of your Corgi puppy.

Corgi Blog & Adventures

What’s better than a Corgi? Corgi adventures! Send us your adventures, we’d love to hear from you! Email us today!